Phone Holder

Perfect for home desks or car setups, shop ergonomically designed phone holders and stands to mount your device from Flash Trend. ... Read More Enjoy the latest offers from our catalogue.  

Whether you need your phone upright during travel or in your home office, our phone holders and stands can meet your needs. Interact with your device instantly by having them perfectly positioned. Flash Trend’s phone holders offer stable support for all smartphones and tablets up to 10 inches. With a weighted base and aluminium alloy rod, you won’t find sturdier construction than ours. Furthermore, they come with adjustable height and angle, sustainably designed to support your activity whilst providing a comfortable viewing angle. Reduce neck and back strain in your mobile use without ever worrying your device will slip out of place. Our phone holders come with anti-skid silicone, ensuring your device is protected from scratches and falls. Play media uninterrupted or hold video calls hands free. Ideal for online study, streaming, entertainment and work, shop Flash Trend’s phone holders today. Read Less...

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