DVD Drives

While DVD drives may be phased out of thinner, modern laptops, they still have irreplaceable functionality as an external drive. CD and DVD after all once revolutionised PC activity. Even nowadays, it’s still the most cost-effective choice for making data backups, writing off disposable data, ... Read More installing software, storing personal media i.e. photos, music, home videos and enjoying BluRay films.  

As such, especially with optical drives no longer internally installed in computer models, external DVD drives won’t go obsolete. It’s a popular, in-demand necessity among computer accessories for users to connect to desktops, laptops or tablets through USB interface. In fact, various OS, games, other media and backups are easily accessed externally on a DVD drive, taking up less space on your PC. Perfect to access software data and media, browse high-quality DVD drives from Flash Trend today at affordable prices. Order online and enjoy Australian-wide direct shipping. Read Less...

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