Micro SD Card Reader

Why Use CF Cards

Flash Trend is the leading retailer for memory storage, internal drives and mobile phone or computer accessories. We can cater to all your memory and storage needs. ... Read More Browse our collection for the latest offers and promotions on micro SD card adapters.  

What Is A Micro SD Card Adapter

Flash Trend carries genuine manufacturer approved Sandisk micro SD card readers with full warranty. The micro SD card adapter is the ideal accessory for your PC, tablet or mobile phone. It provides a fast and convenient way to access and transfer data such as images, music, video and more between your memory card and your device.

What Are The Uses Of A Micro SD Card Adapter

Apart from access and transfer functions, a micro SD card adapter offers an effortless way to back-up the contents of your devices from your mobile phone, tablet, camera and more. The card reader can also be repurposed as a USB flash drive should you keep your micro SD/micro SDHC/micro SDXC card installed inside the device. Its compact nature also makes it perfect to tie onto your mobile handset or a carry-on on your key-chain. Read Less...

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