Power Bank

For lasting charge on your all USB-powered devices, shop portable power banks from Flash Trend. We offer fast direct ... Read Moreshipping to your Australian address.  

Wall chargers can’t solve all your power needs when you’ve got no power outlet. In locations where sockets don’t exist or you’re simply on the go, you need a reliable source of power to charge your smartphone. Portable chargers like power banks make life easier. Convenient and compact for travel, they can recharge just about any battery-powered electronics. Power banks can come small enough to be pocket-sized or in larger varieties to charge higher-capacity devices. They can power cell phones, tablets, speakers and laptops. Higher grade, heavyweight power banks can even double as a backup generator and charge appliances as large as mini fridges. Power banks are also built smartly not to overheat when charging overnight. Affordable with long-lasting charge, get high-quality power banks at great prices from Flash Trend today. Read Less...

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