512GB Micro SDXC

Flash Trend makes finding the perfect 512GB Micro SD card simple. We are NZ’s leading retailer of computer accessories and technology solutions. We stock a variety of micro SD cards, ranging from 16Gb to 1Tb. This means we cater to the memory and storage needs of everyone. We deliver NZ-wide; simply order online and get your products sent straight to your door. ... Read More

Micro SD cards are ideal for high-performance devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. They provide users with higher transfer speeds ideal for high-definition recording. With one, you can easily store and access photos, videos, and work files.

What’s more, they also provide increased internal storage, meaning you can download more apps without straining your phone. Just install a 512Gb micro SD card into your phone and you’ll never worry about running out of storage again.

Browse our huge catalogue today to find the perfect product for you. Our staff are here to help, simply send them a message and they will get back to you. Read Less...

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