USB Flash Drive

Shop at Flash Trend NZ to find the perfect USB flash drive to meet your memory and storage needs. A flash drive is an invaluable computer accessory that helps users easily backup files and store and transfer data. Flash Trend NZ offers a huge range of flash drives from premium brands, including Lexar, Kingston, Samsung and SanDisk. You may be after a no-frills USB drive to backup work data, or a higher-end one to store movies on. Either way, Flash Trend NZ has got you covered. ... Read More

Informally known as a USB stick, a USB flash drive has many advantages. They are a cost-effective data storage space solution, sturdy, portable, and long-lasting. The data stored on them will last for years. They can also be tailored to individuals; some may opt for the removable cap variety while others prefer the retractables. People who just want to back up basic Office documents will find a simple 16GB flash drive that meets their needs. Others who want to download large files and music collections may opt for a 256GB flash drive.

USB drives are also convenient to use, compatible with both PC and MAC devices, and simply need to be plugged in to operate. No software configuration is required.

Please check out our wide range of USB flash drives to find the perfect one for you. For your convenience, after purchasing online it will be delivered straight to your home; we offer NZ-wide delivery. Feel free to contact our team with any queries you have. They can also help you find the perfect flash drive for your needs. Read Less...

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