Micro SD Card

Flash Trend NZ stocks a wide range of micro SD cards and accessories, to suit all your data storage needs. Browse our range of SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston and Lexar options.... Read More It is easy to see why we’re the premium supplier for well-known and reliable micro SD cards brands. We offer micro SD cards with capacities ranging from 16Gb to 512Gb. We also offer accessories including micro SD card readers.  

What Are Micro SD Cards

Micro SD cards are a removable flash memory card designed specifically for mobile phones. They can be used to store various files from photos, videos, music and apps. As its name suggests, Micro SD’s are one of the smallest memory card formats available, providing a cost-effective memory solution.

Micro SD Card Benefits

Micro SD cards store information in flash memory. With a lifespan of up to a decade, they allow consumers to upgrade their devices over time and reduce wastage. Furthermore, their portability allows for easy device transfer, meaning you won’t lose precious photos when you upgrade your phone.

Micro SD Cards Provide Extra Android Storage

Micro SD cards are designed to be an effective, accessible portable storage solution. Micro SD cards can easily provide you with more storage if you are using a smartphone with limited internal capabilities. There is a wide range of micro SD cards available, ranging in brand and storage capacity. Have a browse through our collection to find one that works for you. Read Less...

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