1TB Micro SDXC

Shopping for high-performance, maximum storage SD cards is easy at Flash Trend NZ, with our 1TB Micro SD card range. Our huge selection, competitive prices, and product warranty all help make us New Zealand’s number one retailer of Flash Drive’s. Simply order online, and enjoy delivery straight to your address. ... Read More

Choose an SD card of incomparable quality. We stock a selection of premium brands, including SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, and Lexar Micro SDXC cards. With a high-performance SD card, you can save data, enjoy lightning-fast transfer rates for high-def recording, and maximise your experience.

Sturdy and portable, they are great at increasing internal storage on complex devices like smartphones and cameras. Never worry about your device running out of storage again. Simply insert a 1TB Micro SD card and you can download apps to your heart’s content.

Our staff are available to answer your questions, just shoot them a message for assistance. Check out our online 1TB Micro SD card collection today! Read Less...

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